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[Files] STRICQ 0.2106 releasedANN.lu
Posted on 03-Jan-2002 14:08 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš11 comments
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This is a special The Party edition of this popular ICQ-clone. Read what's new here.
Category: comm/misc
License: open source (GPL)
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Comment 1Amigo03-Jan-2002 18:28 GMT
Comment 2tinman03-Jan-2002 20:26 GMT
Comment 3Budda03-Jan-2002 22:01 GMT
Comment 4Niclas Aronsson03-Jan-2002 22:12 GMT
Comment 5Brecht [darklite]03-Jan-2002 22:15 GMT
Comment 6Amigo03-Jan-2002 22:29 GMT
Comment 7Crispy Beef03-Jan-2002 23:04 GMT
Comment 8Brecht [darklite]03-Jan-2002 23:12 GMT
Comment 9Anonymous04-Jan-2002 08:56 GMT
Comment 10Anonymous04-Jan-2002 10:29 GMT
Comment 11Amigo04-Jan-2002 10:58 GMT
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