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[Motd] MOTD 09/Feb/02ANN.lu
Posted on 09-Feb-2002 16:58 GMT by Christian Kemp20 comments
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This is just a friendly reminder that ANN is primarily a news / rumour / discussion site and not just a platform for promotion of other websites / companies / organisations. I would therefore ask people to refrain from posting multiple mentions of their website projects in short timespans. Furthermore, I suggest that commercial entities at least consider running a paid advertisement to announce new products or sell existing ones, instead of just benefitting from ANN's traffic and never investing anything back into the sites that help keep their target audience around...
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Comment 1Anthony E. Bodo09-Feb-2002 16:09 GMT
Comment 24pLaY09-Feb-2002 16:31 GMT
Comment 3Anders Kjeldsen09-Feb-2002 17:44 GMT
Comment 4Jools09-Feb-2002 17:59 GMT
Comment 5Christian Kemp09-Feb-2002 18:10 GMT
Comment 6Jools09-Feb-2002 18:31 GMT
Comment 7leif09-Feb-2002 18:43 GMT
Comment 8Jools09-Feb-2002 19:18 GMT
Comment 9Lennart Fridén09-Feb-2002 19:49 GMT
Comment 10i agree09-Feb-2002 22:08 GMT
Comment 11adam ceremuga10-Feb-2002 00:36 GMT
Comment 12adam ceremuga10-Feb-2002 00:36 GMT
Comment 13Fabio Alemagna10-Feb-2002 07:16 GMT
Comment 14Christian Kemp10-Feb-2002 08:15 GMT
Comment 15gemini10-Feb-2002 08:16 GMT
Comment 16Christian Kemp10-Feb-2002 09:13 GMT
Comment 17John Block10-Feb-2002 13:18 GMT
Comment 18Daniel Hutchinson10-Feb-2002 14:24 GMT
Comment 19John Block10-Feb-2002 14:38 GMT
Comment 20ftangftang11-Feb-2002 13:09 GMT
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