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[Motd] Calling
Posted on 01-Mar-2002 13:26 GMT by Christian Kemp19 comments
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Could the person at IP address please email me instead of trying to get a point (and then, what point?) across on ANN by posting crap once every hour...?
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Comment 1john01-Mar-2002 12:54 GMT
Comment 2Mike Veroukis01-Mar-2002 13:02 GMT
Comment 3cOrpse01-Mar-2002 13:06 GMT
Comment 4redrumloa01-Mar-2002 13:31 GMT
Comment 5Christian Kemp01-Mar-2002 13:34 GMT
Comment 6Christophe Decanini01-Mar-2002 13:39 GMT
Comment 7Christophe Decanini01-Mar-2002 13:42 GMT
Comment 8Graham01-Mar-2002 15:32 GMT
Comment 9redrumloa01-Mar-2002 15:47 GMT
Comment 10Christophe Decanini01-Mar-2002 17:39 GMT
Comment 11Sir RUSH01-Mar-2002 17:49 GMT
Comment 12redrumloa01-Mar-2002 18:46 GMT
Comment 13Remco Komduur01-Mar-2002 19:00 GMT
Comment 14tinman01-Mar-2002 21:39 GMT
Comment 15Aram Iskenderian02-Mar-2002 10:59 GMT
Comment 16Homer02-Mar-2002 23:28 GMT
Comment 17cOrpse03-Mar-2002 17:48 GMT
Comment 18tinman03-Mar-2002 19:57 GMT
Comment 19Ian Shurmer03-Mar-2002 22:08 GMT
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