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[News] Eyetech front page updatedANN.lu
Posted on 19-Mar-2002 20:59 GMT by Christian Kemp26 comments
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"cOrpse" noticed that the Eyetech front page was updated, "it now includes an Amiga ONE series computers section. The dev boards £315 ex vat and £370.13 inc , does this mean the final board is going to be around 410 for us u.k peeps?"
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Comment 1Anonymous19-Mar-2002 20:22 GMT
Comment 2Andy Hall19-Mar-2002 20:32 GMT
Comment 3cOrpse19-Mar-2002 20:37 GMT
Comment 4Alkis Tsapanidis19-Mar-2002 22:04 GMT
Comment 5Anonymous19-Mar-2002 23:15 GMT
Comment 6KenH19-Mar-2002 23:22 GMT
Comment 7cOrpse19-Mar-2002 23:22 GMT
Comment 8Xter19-Mar-2002 23:54 GMT
Comment 9Mika Hanhijärvi20-Mar-2002 05:13 GMT
Comment 10Amon_Re20-Mar-2002 07:03 GMT
Comment 11priest20-Mar-2002 07:24 GMT
Comment 12Anonymous20-Mar-2002 07:25 GMT
Comment 13Rik Sweeney20-Mar-2002 08:05 GMT
Comment 14Daniel Allsopp20-Mar-2002 08:06 GMT
Comment 15Anonymous20-Mar-2002 08:37 GMT
Comment 16Amon_Re20-Mar-2002 10:10 GMT
Comment 17esseffe20-Mar-2002 10:10 GMT
Comment 18Detritus20-Mar-2002 13:06 GMT
Comment 19Lennart Fridén20-Mar-2002 13:07 GMT
Comment 20cOrpse(TM)20-Mar-2002 13:10 GMT
Comment 21Detritus20-Mar-2002 13:12 GMT
Comment 22Samface20-Mar-2002 14:13 GMT
Comment 23tinman20-Mar-2002 14:23 GMT
Comment 24Graham20-Mar-2002 14:26 GMT
Comment 25ehaines20-Mar-2002 15:17 GMT
Comment 26cOrpse(TM)20-Mar-2002 15:48 GMT
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