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[News] GFX-BASE: Interview with Coyote FluxANN.lu
Posted on 10-Apr-2002 07:30 GMT by Christian Kemp55 comments
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NARR wrote: "We have a new and very interesting GFX-BASE interview for you: This time we talked to the software-group 'Coyote Flux' responsible for great software like CoyoteSound or the PPC SNES emu SuperAmicon. The guys from Coyote Flux told us new facts about their latest project J Miner, a software, which uses video streams to create a complete corrected two and 3D model of the surface. They also reveal that they have a G3/G4 Amiga-based supercomputer and this is no joke!"
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Comment 1Anonymous10-Apr-2002 05:43 GMT
Comment 2Christian Kemp10-Apr-2002 05:58 GMT
Comment 3SimplePPC10-Apr-2002 06:14 GMT
Comment 4Christian Kemp10-Apr-2002 06:20 GMT
Comment 5anon (who read the interview)10-Apr-2002 07:11 GMT
Comment 6Sotiris Papageorgiou10-Apr-2002 07:14 GMT
Comment 7Kent Seaton10-Apr-2002 08:26 GMT
Comment 8nOw210-Apr-2002 08:31 GMT
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Comment 16Allen10-Apr-2002 10:42 GMT
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Comment 19priest10-Apr-2002 10:52 GMT
GFX-BASE: Interview with Coyote Flux : Comment 20 of 55ANN.lu
Posted by DaveW on 10-Apr-2002 10:55 GMT
In reply to Comment 16 (Allen):
>There is no plural for virus.
Its a bad habit of mine :-)
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Comment 21Petro Tyschtschenko10-Apr-2002 10:57 GMT
Comment 22DaveW10-Apr-2002 11:07 GMT
Comment 23Anonymous10-Apr-2002 11:12 GMT
Comment 24Christian Kemp10-Apr-2002 11:17 GMT
Comment 25A10-Apr-2002 11:27 GMT
Comment 26Andrea10-Apr-2002 11:37 GMT
Comment 27DaveW10-Apr-2002 11:37 GMT
Comment 28DaveW10-Apr-2002 11:42 GMT
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Comment 30DaveW10-Apr-2002 12:02 GMT
Comment 31Anonymous10-Apr-2002 12:03 GMT
Comment 32DaveW10-Apr-2002 12:10 GMT
Comment 33cOrpse10-Apr-2002 12:15 GMT
Comment 34cOrpse10-Apr-2002 13:15 GMT
Comment 35Anonymous10-Apr-2002 15:24 GMT
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Comment 37cOrpse10-Apr-2002 16:26 GMT
Comment 38Joe "Floid" Kanowitz10-Apr-2002 16:31 GMT
Comment 39Ben Hermans/Hyperion10-Apr-2002 16:49 GMT
Comment 40cOrpse10-Apr-2002 17:38 GMT
Comment 41Anonymous10-Apr-2002 18:08 GMT
Comment 42Ben Hermans/Hyperion10-Apr-2002 18:28 GMT
Comment 43Kent Seaton10-Apr-2002 18:30 GMT
Comment 44DaveW11-Apr-2002 05:11 GMT
Comment 45Phill11-Apr-2002 11:05 GMT
Comment 46Seehund11-Apr-2002 11:48 GMT
Comment 47DaveW11-Apr-2002 11:56 GMT
Comment 48Anonymous11-Apr-2002 12:06 GMT
Comment 49Kronos11-Apr-2002 12:17 GMT
Comment 50Lennart Fridén12-Apr-2002 03:55 GMT
Comment 51Lennart Fridén12-Apr-2002 03:57 GMT
Comment 52Anonymous12-Apr-2002 10:37 GMT
Comment 53Don Cox12-Apr-2002 11:21 GMT
Comment 54Bill Buck12-Apr-2002 11:25 GMT
Comment 55Eric Laffont15-Apr-2002 06:41 GMT
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