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[News] GFX-BASE: Interview with Coyote FluxANN.lu
Posted on 10-Apr-2002 07:30 GMT by Christian Kemp55 comments
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NARR wrote: "We have a new and very interesting GFX-BASE interview for you: This time we talked to the software-group 'Coyote Flux' responsible for great software like CoyoteSound or the PPC SNES emu SuperAmicon. The guys from Coyote Flux told us new facts about their latest project J Miner, a software, which uses video streams to create a complete corrected two and 3D model of the surface. They also reveal that they have a G3/G4 Amiga-based supercomputer and this is no joke!"
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GFX-BASE: Interview with Coyote Flux : Comment 53 of 55ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox ( on 12-Apr-2002 11:21 GMT
In reply to Comment 52 (Anonymous):
"and now Bill Buck - who got Optonica and Almathera (two of the best UK Amiga software developers) to do lots of
work on the Viscorp set top box and never paid them, forcing both
companies into liquidation. "
Remember Almathera in turn cheated the author of Photogenics.
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Comment 54Bill Buck12-Apr-2002 11:25 GMT
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