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[News] Interest for OS 4 screenshots staggeringANN.lu
Posted on 24-Apr-2002 11:18 GMT by Ben Hermans/Hyperion67 comments
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In the last 48 hours interest in the OS 4 screenshots was such that it threatens to overwhelm the server. - 50000 visitors (!) - 9000000 page views - 2.2 million files transfered - 17.67 GB of traffic All within 48 HOURS
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Comment 2Elwood24-Apr-2002 09:56 GMT
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Comment 24Ben Hermans/Hyperion24-Apr-2002 17:02 GMT
Comment 25cOrpse24-Apr-2002 17:18 GMT
Comment 26Kay Are Ulvestad24-Apr-2002 17:28 GMT
Comment 27James Whelan24-Apr-2002 17:30 GMT
Comment 28Ben Hermans/Hyperion24-Apr-2002 17:37 GMT
Comment 29James Whelan24-Apr-2002 17:37 GMT
Comment 30Leif24-Apr-2002 17:42 GMT
Comment 31Ben Hermans/Hyperion24-Apr-2002 17:52 GMT
Comment 32The Editor24-Apr-2002 17:54 GMT
Comment 33kjetil24-Apr-2002 17:57 GMT
Comment 34Anonymous24-Apr-2002 18:11 GMT
Comment 35Johan "Graak" Forsberg24-Apr-2002 18:17 GMT
Comment 36Alkemyst24-Apr-2002 18:21 GMT
Interest for OS 4 screenshots staggering : Comment 37 of 67ANN.lu
Posted by Brad Ray on 24-Apr-2002 19:12 GMT
I've owned an amiga1200T for a few years now.
I've always been amazed with the Amiga's multitasking abilities, and it's speed.
Most of all, to me, the Amiga was just "FUN". Plain and simple.
But, my 1200 was fried.
Mainly because of, I think, Haage and Partner's solution to the ide hard drive interface.
I had a terrible time with everything after OS 3.1
Wasted about 4 ide hard drives trying to figure it out... never did.
Hacks for this, and hacks for that.
It just got to the point where it was not fun anymore.
So, I shipped it to my brother in Louisiana, just to get it out of my hair.
Another matter was the video scanmodes, that plagued the Amiga for all these years.
Truth is... Junk!!!
Scandoublers... Clip this wire over that chip, put this wire there.... It never ended.
The Amiga was totaly being destroyed, and I for one, was glad to send it down the road.
Now, many who claim to be Amigans, are really PC folks running through emulation.
A very poor argument indeed of being an Amiga owner, or an amigan.
Now, comes Bill McEwen and Hyperion.
The only hope for the salvation of the Amiga if you ask me.
I will sit back and watch.
I will read serious opinion polls, just to see what Amiga has done to the new system.
And if all goes well, I will surely get back on board with the new Amiga.
Especially with the promise of Memory Management.
This is the first time that I, as a REAL Amiga user, actually have real hope in the future of Amiga.
I looked at the new screen shots, and they were breathtaking to me.
A ppc REAL Amiga.
I hope that the time of HACKS are over!!!
A real video card that will actually run a standard monitor without the need for clips on chips.
A real IDE interface that I do not have to worry about destroying my Hard Drives.
Memory Management!!!
My only concerns are this...
1) In the screen shots, I saw the dreaded Chip Memory limitation still in tact.
That's what it looked like, anyway.
2) Broad Band DSL!!!! Speedtouch (USB) (PCI)!!! Cable modems!!!! Got to be addressed quickly.
Who uses normal modems anymore???
3) 3rd Party Support!!! ( This is the tough one )
After saying all this...
I would like to thank Bill and Hyperion for all thier hard work, on an OS that is well worth saving.
Great Job guys.
And don't let these emulation "Amigans" down ya.
They wouldn't know what an Amiga was, if it slapped em.
There are plenty of REAL Amigans, who are waiting in the wings for something REAL!
#39 Budda #40 chris young #42 redrumloa #47 Don Cox #49 Anonymous
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