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[Files] New version of MRE( ClassAction and Startmenu) availableANN.lu
Posted on 02-May-2002 19:00 GMT by Remco Komduur12 comments
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Martin Elsner has just released a new version of ClassAction and StartMenu. Both support the new Reaction look of AmigaOS and the Startmenu is just plain fast. ClassAction is a filemanager with many options. Get ClassAction 4.4 and Startmenu 1.2 here : MRE
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Comment 1Remco Komduur02-May-2002 17:04 GMT
Comment 2SlimJim02-May-2002 17:48 GMT
Comment 3catohagen02-May-2002 18:00 GMT
Comment 4Graham02-May-2002 18:59 GMT
Comment 5Minuous02-May-2002 22:27 GMT
Comment 64pLaY03-May-2002 00:22 GMT
Comment 7Anonymous03-May-2002 04:34 GMT
Comment 8Stefan120003-May-2002 08:25 GMT
Comment 9kjetil03-May-2002 11:03 GMT
Comment 10SlimJim03-May-2002 17:26 GMT
Comment 11Shaun Subarachnoid Gremlin03-May-2002 18:45 GMT
Comment 12Michael Taylor08-May-2002 04:12 GMT
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