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[News] Remember Roketz ? Now its freewareANN.lu
Posted on 05-May-2002 19:37 GMT by catohagen11 comments
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Get the game from Aminet, filename : roketz.lha

From the readme :
"First things first, this version of Roketz is FREEWARE. This is a small
modification of 1.38 that was originally shareware-only. It is now
registered to the Amiga Community, with permission from the original
If you like this game, please mail me and say so! There's the thought of
creating a C version with a few extra features, and it would be nice to
know if there are any ideas (or perhaps a few willing coders) out there.

If you have the full version 1.38 then here's list of what's changed:

* Re-wrote some of the quickdocs
* Slight tweak to remove some spelling mistakes.
* Removed a bug with the music.

And for those that have only seen the PD version, or (shame on you!)
have never seen Roketz before, this is what you get:

- 6 worlds of raytraced battlegrounds featuring active background elements as
cannons, teleporters, forcefields etc.
- 4 customized roketz
- lots of different weapons and upgrades

Roketz can be copied directly to any dir on your HD. The game was originally
designed to run from floppy too. If you copy the executable, the DAT files up to
(but not including) Roketz_06.DAT, and a startup-sequence to one floppy, along
with the libs diskfont.library and mathtrans.library, then the
rest should go on a disk called "Roketz Disk 2". Let me know if you have problems,
and I will work out exactly what to do, along with a script to do it for you. :)

Important! When playing from disk remember to unprotect it and keep
it in disk drive while playing if you want the status and scoring system
to work properly.

When started from HD then no assigns must be made, just make sure
diskfont.library and mathtrans.library are present in your libs: - these
are needed too.
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