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Posted on 07-May-2002 07:57 GMT by Vince24 comments
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Clickboom has finally announced 666, which will be a 3D action adventure for the Amiga/Mac/Pc you can find out more in the new S-files and the site is here
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Comment 1Rik Sweeney07-May-2002 06:06 GMT
Comment 2dakang07-May-2002 06:09 GMT
Comment 3Anders Kjeldsen07-May-2002 06:30 GMT
Comment 4José07-May-2002 09:00 GMT
Comment 5Jon07-May-2002 10:06 GMT
Comment 6Fabian07-May-2002 11:37 GMT
Comment 7amigammc07-May-2002 12:38 GMT
Comment 8Ole-Egil Hvitmyren07-May-2002 16:09 GMT
Comment 9tinman07-May-2002 16:23 GMT
Comment 10Nomad of Norad08-May-2002 01:58 GMT
Comment 11Matt King08-May-2002 07:48 GMT
Comment 12Anonymous08-May-2002 12:51 GMT
Comment 13Anonymous08-May-2002 12:54 GMT
Comment 14alan buxey08-May-2002 13:14 GMT
Comment 15Amon_Re08-May-2002 15:23 GMT
Comment 16Ville Sarell08-May-2002 17:39 GMT
Comment 17James Sellman08-May-2002 21:45 GMT
Comment 18Ville Sarell08-May-2002 22:54 GMT
Comment 19NihilVor08-May-2002 23:11 GMT
Comment 20Nomad of Norad09-May-2002 01:14 GMT
Comment 21Anonymous09-May-2002 15:51 GMT
Comment 22Peter09-May-2002 15:53 GMT
Comment 23Anonymous09-May-2002 15:54 GMT
Comment 24Casey R Williams09-May-2002 16:54 GMT
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