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[News] Pegasos and Morphos on German TV 3SatANN.lu
Posted on 15-May-2002 20:36 GMT by Christophe Decanini272 comments
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The bplan GmbH would like to inform you about the Computer Magazine taking place on the 27th of may at 9.30 pm.

neues - das Computer- und Telekommunikationsmagazin auf 3sat

There is an IRC chat scheduled after the show. Check it out here.

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Comment 1Christophe Decanini15-May-2002 18:40 GMT
Comment 2bhickman15-May-2002 18:53 GMT
Comment 3David Scheibler15-May-2002 18:55 GMT
Comment 4Christian Kemp15-May-2002 18:58 GMT
Comment 5Nichelle15-May-2002 19:06 GMT
Comment 6the man in the shadows15-May-2002 19:07 GMT
Comment 7the man in the shadows15-May-2002 19:11 GMT
Comment 8logain15-May-2002 19:12 GMT
Comment 9Turrican15-May-2002 19:15 GMT
Comment 10Frans15-May-2002 20:15 GMT
Comment 11the man in the shadows15-May-2002 20:30 GMT
Comment 12kjetil16-May-2002 04:17 GMT
Comment 13kjetil16-May-2002 04:21 GMT
Comment 14Anony Mouse16-May-2002 04:41 GMT
Comment 15kjetil16-May-2002 05:15 GMT
Comment 16Shotgun16-May-2002 05:49 GMT
Comment 17kjetil16-May-2002 05:53 GMT
Comment 18twicer16-May-2002 06:04 GMT
Comment 19Anders Kjeldsen16-May-2002 06:14 GMT
Comment 20gz16-May-2002 06:21 GMT
Comment 21DaveW16-May-2002 06:21 GMT
Comment 22Sotiris Papageorgiou16-May-2002 06:23 GMT
Comment 23Ralf16-May-2002 06:28 GMT
Comment 24Anonymous16-May-2002 06:36 GMT
Comment 25Ole-Egil Hvitmyren16-May-2002 07:07 GMT
Comment 26Mahen16-May-2002 07:19 GMT
Comment 27OT16-May-2002 07:29 GMT
Comment 28DaveW16-May-2002 07:51 GMT
Comment 29twicer16-May-2002 08:26 GMT
Comment 30Ben Hermans/Hyperion16-May-2002 09:16 GMT
Comment 31Ralf16-May-2002 09:41 GMT
Comment 32Anonymous16-May-2002 09:41 GMT
Comment 33Martin Heine16-May-2002 09:44 GMT
Comment 34DaveW16-May-2002 09:50 GMT
Comment 35Need more information...information...information16-May-2002 10:13 GMT
Comment 36priest16-May-2002 10:20 GMT
Comment 37David Scheibler16-May-2002 10:28 GMT
Comment 38priest16-May-2002 10:48 GMT
Comment 39Ben Hermans/Hyperion16-May-2002 10:49 GMT
Comment 40Christian Kemp16-May-2002 11:00 GMT
Comment 41David Scheibler16-May-2002 11:08 GMT
Comment 42Ben Hermans/Hyperion16-May-2002 11:27 GMT
Comment 43Ben Hermans/Hyperion16-May-2002 11:30 GMT
Comment 44Anonymous16-May-2002 11:48 GMT
Comment 45Miky06016-May-2002 11:52 GMT
Comment 46Treke16-May-2002 11:54 GMT
Comment 47Ben Hermans/Hyperion16-May-2002 11:55 GMT
Comment 48Anonymous16-May-2002 12:02 GMT
Comment 49Samface16-May-2002 12:18 GMT
Comment 50Kronos16-May-2002 12:27 GMT
Comment 51Anonymous16-May-2002 12:28 GMT
Comment 52Seehund16-May-2002 12:32 GMT
Comment 53Seehund16-May-2002 12:37 GMT
Comment 54Samface16-May-2002 12:46 GMT
Comment 55DaveW16-May-2002 12:48 GMT
Comment 56DaveW16-May-2002 12:51 GMT
Comment 57Samface16-May-2002 12:54 GMT
Comment 58DaveW16-May-2002 12:55 GMT
Comment 59DaveW16-May-2002 12:57 GMT
Comment 60Samface16-May-2002 13:04 GMT
Comment 61Seehund16-May-2002 13:14 GMT
Comment 62DaveW16-May-2002 13:22 GMT
Comment 63Anonymous16-May-2002 13:22 GMT
Comment 64Anonymous16-May-2002 13:25 GMT
Comment 65DaveW16-May-2002 13:28 GMT
Comment 66Seehund16-May-2002 13:29 GMT
Comment 67Anonymous16-May-2002 13:32 GMT
Comment 68priest16-May-2002 13:33 GMT
Comment 69%0016-May-2002 13:38 GMT
Comment 70Kronos16-May-2002 13:38 GMT
Comment 71priest16-May-2002 13:41 GMT
Comment 72Kronos16-May-2002 13:41 GMT
Comment 73Anonymous16-May-2002 13:46 GMT
Comment 74David Scheibler16-May-2002 13:52 GMT
Comment 75Seehund16-May-2002 13:53 GMT
Comment 76Anonymous16-May-2002 14:06 GMT
Comment 77SteveW16-May-2002 14:09 GMT
Comment 78Seehund16-May-2002 14:18 GMT
Comment 79Anonymous16-May-2002 14:31 GMT
Comment 80Ole-Egil Hvitmyren16-May-2002 14:31 GMT
Comment 81Ole-Egil Hvitmyren16-May-2002 14:31 GMT
Comment 82Kronos16-May-2002 14:38 GMT
Comment 83priest16-May-2002 14:42 GMT
Comment 84wouter16-May-2002 14:54 GMT
Comment 85David Scheibler16-May-2002 15:11 GMT
Comment 86Kronos16-May-2002 15:13 GMT
Comment 87Samface16-May-2002 15:26 GMT
Comment 88Samface16-May-2002 15:28 GMT
Comment 89Ben Hermans/Hyperion16-May-2002 16:04 GMT
Comment 90Ben Hermans/Hyperion16-May-2002 16:07 GMT
Comment 91Ben Hermans/Hyperion16-May-2002 16:14 GMT
Comment 92kjetil16-May-2002 16:15 GMT
Comment 93David Scheibler16-May-2002 16:16 GMT
Comment 94David Scheibler16-May-2002 16:20 GMT
Comment 95@Benny16-May-2002 16:22 GMT
Comment 96Ben Hermans/Hyperion16-May-2002 16:23 GMT
Comment 97DaveW16-May-2002 16:28 GMT
Pegasos and Morphos on German TV 3Sat : Comment 98 of 272ANN.lu
Posted by Seehund on 16-May-2002 16:41 GMT
In reply to Comment 87 (Samface):
> Tell me 1 x86 motherboard manufacturer which has never sold one single
> product bundled with windows?
Never? One single product? Then I don't know. Otherwise the Big Ones (ABit, Asus, iWill, Soyo...) all sell their motherboards without any OS. I suppose you could buy them bundled with Windows, but that's not really common.
The point is that they're not forced to sell it bundled with Windows (or any other OS) just because they're Windows compatible. They also don't have to modify boards/BIOSes in order to be allowed to sell them together with any particular OS. Microsoft is a software company (yeah, yeah; X-box, mice...) so they sell their software products to anyone who wants to buy it, be it separately or bundled with hardware.
> Tell me 1 x86 motherboard manufacturer who would say no to have their
> product Microsoft Windows certified?
Windows is the outstandingly dominating OS for x86 hardware. If the licensing terms aren't too outrageous, it would be silly not to get that sticker. OTOH, people who build their own computers are generally "advanced" enough users to not give a rat's ass whether their mobo's got that sticker, so there's still a big market for "uncertified" hardware - which of course keeps competition up and prices down.
AmigaOS is not Windows. Amiga Inc. is not MS. The OS isn't dominating and the company can't afford MS-like subsidies for distributors who wish to bundle AmigaOS. Even MS, although I'm sure they'd be happy to if the anti-monopoly legislation let them, does not force compatible hardware to be bundled with their OS. They're *big enough* and *already dominating* to get away with profit from demanding modified BIOSes and compulsory licensing, but not in the long run. They realise that if they want to maximise profits and keep their product being the most widespread, they can't impose such *compulsory* restrictions.
> Be Inc is now suing Microsoft for "stealing" their hardware + OS bundle
> partner and claims that this is the very reason for why they went bancrupt.
I'm not too educated when it comes to the Be(OS) happenings, but if they relied on a hardware partner selling bundles and blame their bankrupcy on this I can't see why this would be a counterpoint to what I'm saying...
> AmigaOS has always been a bundled with the hardware since 1985.
Heh. :-D Yeah, those were the days.
Luckily there is no proprietary Amiga hardware any more and nobody, especially not the licensor, is designing or making any such. Yet the licensor demands that hardware manufacturers/distributors should become licensees and sell the licensor's software product with the licensee's hardware and even modify the hardware.
> Do you need more examples of how bundling and license issues control
> the computer market of today?
Look, I don't really care about bundling and licensing in general. It can be and often is a Good Thing for both producers and consumers.
In case you missed it, it's the *compulsory* OS/hardware bundling, the *unavailability* (is that English?) of separately sold AmigaOS packages and the *compulsory* licensing that makes me cringe and lose hope for even a relatively moderate success of AmigaOS.
Losing hardware options for no technological reason whatsoever, losing competition, losing distributor options and so on would not be issues if the licensing was volontary and only required *if* you are planning to sell complete OS/hardware bundles. That would bring competition between distributors and be good for both the "beginner" and the "advanced" user markets.
#102 DaveW
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Comment 103@Benny16-May-2002 16:53 GMT
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Comment 105DaveW16-May-2002 16:55 GMT
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Comment 117DaveW16-May-2002 17:21 GMT
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Comment 119David Scheibler16-May-2002 17:24 GMT
Comment 120Nicolas Sallin16-May-2002 17:24 GMT
Comment 121DaveW16-May-2002 17:25 GMT
Comment 122DaveW16-May-2002 17:27 GMT
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Comment 164logain17-May-2002 13:12 GMT
Comment 165Anonymous17-May-2002 13:31 GMT
Comment 166Anonymous17-May-2002 13:40 GMT
Comment 167anon17-May-2002 13:52 GMT
Comment 168Anonymous17-May-2002 15:28 GMT
Comment 169redrumloa17-May-2002 17:32 GMT
Comment 170David Scheibler17-May-2002 17:37 GMT
Comment 171Anonymous17-May-2002 19:31 GMT
Comment 172David Scheibler17-May-2002 20:30 GMT
Comment 173Samface17-May-2002 23:08 GMT
Comment 174DaveW18-May-2002 09:37 GMT
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Comment 193Kronos19-May-2002 09:18 GMT
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Comment 195DaveW19-May-2002 09:22 GMT
Comment 196DaveW19-May-2002 09:27 GMT
Comment 197Kronos19-May-2002 09:31 GMT
Comment 198Kronos19-May-2002 09:44 GMT
Comment 199Kronos19-May-2002 09:46 GMT
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Comment 201Samface19-May-2002 10:07 GMT
Comment 202DaveW19-May-2002 10:15 GMT
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