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Posted on 21-May-2002 14:23 GMT by cOrpse17 comments
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Snip Snip Amiga.org : "Released to Amigart.com this is a short interview and by the sound of it, maybe the last before we see AmigaOS4 because it sounds like they havn't got far to go. Ben states once again, to be patient and wait for the best AmigaOS ever. " And before this turns into some stupid argument , leave you personal issues at the door , i'm willing not to bash ***** if we can all just stay positive.
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Comment 9cOrpse21-May-2002 17:28 GMT
New interview : Comment 10 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by cOrpse on 21-May-2002 17:35 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (|Lando|):
I've managed to get a credit card enabled sibling to order it for me on loan even tho they don't think its a wise idea.
My hope is to step my upgrade path .. use my current ppc with a mediator and then replace the old ppc with a shark and put the a1200 board to rest ( if it doesn't RIP this week :( ) . Also i think the mediator could be used in backplain mode in one of those ickle funky cube cases :D
So anyone want a bvision , pcmcia network and paula .. oh can't take that off dang :P ... Need pci scsi card or ata 133 drivers for the mediator too ! :D
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Comment 11cOrpse21-May-2002 17:37 GMT
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