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Posted on 21-May-2002 14:23 GMT by cOrpse17 comments
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Snip Snip Amiga.org : "Released to Amigart.com this is a short interview and by the sound of it, maybe the last before we see AmigaOS4 because it sounds like they havn't got far to go. Ben states once again, to be patient and wait for the best AmigaOS ever. " And before this turns into some stupid argument , leave you personal issues at the door , i'm willing not to bash ***** if we can all just stay positive.
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New interview : Comment 9 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by cOrpse on 21-May-2002 17:28 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (Ben Hermans/Hyperion):
Are the new prefs going to be reaction based ( like os3.9 ) , if so , not being nasty to H&P , is there any chance of making them look *right* ... the 3.9 ones were abit sloppy.
Another one .. Is reactions look being made to be more like the rest of the os , i would like it to be kind of a transparent feature having reaction there and reaction GUI's with progress meters are the worst :( on my system the end and iirc first point are not in line with the meter part if you know what i mean. other then the look reaction is pretty sound.
Oh another interesting idea .. If i buy os 4 for my bppc then buy an amigaONe is there going to be a rebate or something . Basically am i buying a licence or just a copy of the os ? not that i'd mind paying twice but i'm a skint student :)
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