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[Rant] AmigaAnywhere isn't AmigaDE ?ANN.lu
Posted on 01-Jun-2002 16:36 GMT by NoBeForMe16 comments
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The AmigaAnywhere pack apparently can't run AmigaDE content. People who spent $30 or more on the "Entertainment Pack" can only run the four games included with that pack. They also can't run those games from a non PocketPC system.

Amiga Inc says that it intends to eventually write a Player application for PocketPC, and then PocketPC owners will be able to buy this additional software (the desktop equivalent costs $20) on top of the Entertainment Pack and any extra games. The Entertainment Pack itself remains a "sealed unit". There is as yet no ETA or price information for the PocketPC Player.

What do developers think of this? Were you expecting to generate sales based on AA Entertainment Pack purchases, or did Amiga warn you that PocketPC owners wouldn't be able to buy your games ?

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AmigaAnywhere isn't AmigaDE ? : Comment 10 of 16ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 02-Jun-2002 21:20 GMT
The *only* half-decent thing about AminoDE was that it was supposed to be portable.
Amino have deliberately introduced incompatibilities to prevent the software from running on any non-Microfilth platform. Which is exactly the thing they originally said they didn't want.
"Amino Anywhere"? I think not.
So we have to pay $$ for a couple of extremely lame GBC-equivalent craplets (a very mediocre shoot-em-up, a Solitaire game (!), some crap snake game which is far inferior to the freeware Worm Wars, & some boring puzzle game. I would not install this crap on my system for free, let alone pay for it.
which only run on $$$$ WinCE devices.
Maybe Amino forgets that MAME, etc. are available for WinCE?
Hope Amino goes broke, then Amiga might get bought out by a proper company that will ditch this AminoDE/AminoAnywhere crap, Microfilth partnerships, sueing of the Amiga community etc.
#11 NihilVor
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