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[Rant] AmigaAnywhere isn't AmigaDE ?ANN.lu
Posted on 01-Jun-2002 16:36 GMT by NoBeForMe16 comments
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The AmigaAnywhere pack apparently can't run AmigaDE content. People who spent $30 or more on the "Entertainment Pack" can only run the four games included with that pack. They also can't run those games from a non PocketPC system.

Amiga Inc says that it intends to eventually write a Player application for PocketPC, and then PocketPC owners will be able to buy this additional software (the desktop equivalent costs $20) on top of the Entertainment Pack and any extra games. The Entertainment Pack itself remains a "sealed unit". There is as yet no ETA or price information for the PocketPC Player.

What do developers think of this? Were you expecting to generate sales based on AA Entertainment Pack purchases, or did Amiga warn you that PocketPC owners wouldn't be able to buy your games ?

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AmigaAnywhere isn't AmigaDE ? : Comment 16 of 16ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 03-Jun-2002 23:07 GMT
In reply to Comment 13 (gary_c):
They don't want anything for developers except a mechanism to lock them in the trunk. Hence the walled garden design of DE Player and now AmigaAnywhere.
Just as only Microsoft can produce and sell X Box games, only Amiga Inc can produce and sell DE Player or AmigaAnywhere titles. Developers, despite paying a significant amount of money for the SDK, the Player and perhaps other tools, signing a bunch of legal documents and spending perhaps many man years on development cannot sell or even give away software to end users without Amiga's explicit permission.
Amiga control the only means of distribution through technology that forbids the "Player" application from running unauthorised software, Amiga automatically takes a large cut of the money taken from customers, and all responsibility for support and development rests with you, the developer. What a great deal - NOT.
If you have millions of users, blanket advertising and a great software lineup you are guaranteed success in this market. Developers will love you, customers will love you and your bank manager will love you. No-one complains about lock-in if they are locked into a gravy train.
Amiga have less than 10 thousand users, no advertising and one competent but slightly dull game, plus a couple of dozen duds. Bill McEwen (who if you will recall, is a liar) calls this "more than 100 applications".
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