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Posted on 02-Jun-2002 16:37 GMT by Elwood85 comments
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I uploaded on Aminet a video in Mpeg showing the AmigaOne booting TurboLinux. Hi,

This video is old (March 2002) and not professional in any way (in fact, it never meant to be). I originally wanted to upload it on my website instead of putting this huge file on Aminet but my ISP didn't allow me this. So here it is, to make Aminet even bigger !

Remember this AmigaOne is the prototype (G3/600Mhz) and it runs TurboLinux. And I must confess, I never seen a Linux booting that fast. I'm excited to get my hand on AmigaOS4...



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AmigaOne Mpeg : Comment 48 of 85ANN.lu
Posted by amigammc on 03-Jun-2002 01:51 GMT
In reply to Comment 30 (Anonymous):
Only difference being:
The POS video was filmed with the intention to make it public
The AmigaOne video was not made with that intention, otherwise it would have been published two months ago.
Personally, I think both parties should not give anything away until their products are being used by more than a small bunch of people. Which is: show everything or nothing.
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