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[Rant] Amiga Inc Software Licence - PollANN.lu
Posted on 07-Jun-2002 09:51 GMT by Rodney McDonell22 comments
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A Poll concerning the AmigaOS + Hardware licencing Amiga Inc have dreamed up has been posted @ Amiga.org. The poll was set up so that the community could gather a better idea to how many people like/dont care/hate the licenceing. Those who also think its too late to do anything, also get a chance to vote. Thanx to Wayne Hunt, Amiga.org Administrator for fixing the Polls :)
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Comment 1Rodney McDonell07-Jun-2002 07:52 GMT
Comment 2SlimJim07-Jun-2002 08:56 GMT
Comment 3Anonymous07-Jun-2002 09:49 GMT
Comment 4SlimJim07-Jun-2002 10:02 GMT
Comment 5|Lando|07-Jun-2002 12:13 GMT
Comment 6Rodney McDonell07-Jun-2002 12:38 GMT
Comment 7Joe07-Jun-2002 13:01 GMT
Comment 8SlimJim07-Jun-2002 13:13 GMT
Comment 9SlimJim07-Jun-2002 13:19 GMT
Comment 10Seehund07-Jun-2002 15:07 GMT
Comment 11Seehund07-Jun-2002 15:10 GMT
Comment 12Wayne Hunt07-Jun-2002 17:03 GMT
Comment 13[JC]07-Jun-2002 22:45 GMT
Comment 14anarchic_teapot08-Jun-2002 07:05 GMT
Comment 15Tbone08-Jun-2002 07:13 GMT
Comment 16Rodney McDonell08-Jun-2002 12:09 GMT
Comment 17NihilVor08-Jun-2002 16:33 GMT
Comment 18Sven Harvey08-Jun-2002 21:36 GMT
Comment 19Wayne Hunt09-Jun-2002 01:06 GMT
Comment 20Sven Harvey09-Jun-2002 10:35 GMT
Comment 21far10-Jun-2002 21:06 GMT
Comment 22Samface12-Jun-2002 07:36 GMT
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