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[News] AWeb homepage/maillists are downANN.lu
Posted on 18-Jun-2002 17:15 GMT by Jens Dueholm Christensen15 comments
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Because of very heavy lightning i Aalborg, Denmark the entire sunsite.dk machine is down. This afternoon there came a rainstorm over the northern parts of Denmark. Because of that, the entire sunsite.dk site went down. That means that the mailindlists and the webpage are down for the time beeing.

Unfortunately the UPS did not do it's job and the PSU in the server blew out. Sun has been contacted and they will bring a replacement PSU later this week (in a few days or so).

If you'd like to see how and where the lightning struck between 15:00 and 18:00 you can take a look at this picture from the Danish Meteorological Institute..

On behaf of the entire AWeb team,
Jens Dueholm Christensen <jens@amigadk.dk>

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