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[News] AmigaONE Shipment Delay - First Users NDA and Installation of PPC SUSE LinuxANN.lu
Posted on 19-Jun-2002 10:42 GMT by Raffaele81 comments
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In a thread reply into Yahoo Groups http://groups.yahoo.com/group/amigaone/message/17027 Eyetech answers regarding these three arguments: 1)AmigaONE Shipment Delay, 2)first users must sign NDA and 3)Installation of PPC SUSE Linux on AmigaONE realized by experts who receive the charge (by the list of the developers of AmigaONE) to set up an easy installable distribution of PPC SUSE Linux. (Read More) Quoting:

Anyone who ordered a developer board - dealer or end user - was subscribed to a closed list under NDA.
Several people on this list are on the closed a1g3dev list have boards and some - but not all - of them have boards.
Some people on the list have far more experience than others when it comes to installing linux.
Since the dev group voted to initially standardise on SuSE PPC Linux - and the A1 boards are NOT the same as the Teron CX boards (which run Turbo Linux) - the group decided to let a select few of the real experts to make an easily installable distribution of SuSE Linux PPC and UAE-PPC first.
The remaining dev boards have already been manufactured but will not be available until this SuSE/UAE release is finalised.
Hyperion are making good progress with sorting out the OS4 boot process...

End Quoting

I have seen it on Czech Amiga News


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