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[News] Slashdot: "New Amiga Hardware Runs Mac OS"ANN.lu
Posted on 05-Jul-2002 10:23 GMT by Rik Sweeney12 comments
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Slashdot have an article about Mac On Linux running on the AmigaOne. Once again however Amiga's come back has been booed down by the Slashdot masses.
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Comment 1Mike Bouma05-Jul-2002 09:23 GMT
Comment 2cOrpse05-Jul-2002 10:21 GMT
Comment 3MIKE05-Jul-2002 11:12 GMT
Comment 4Mike Veroukis05-Jul-2002 11:18 GMT
Comment 5Anonymous05-Jul-2002 12:25 GMT
Comment 6The_Editor05-Jul-2002 13:24 GMT
Comment 7Mike Veroukis05-Jul-2002 13:46 GMT
Comment 8Kolbjørn Barmen05-Jul-2002 13:58 GMT
Comment 9cOrpse05-Jul-2002 14:31 GMT
Comment 10Seehund05-Jul-2002 15:11 GMT
Comment 11Ole-Egil Hvitmyren05-Jul-2002 15:35 GMT
Comment 12Ole-Egil05-Jul-2002 15:39 GMT
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