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[News] x86 modules for akMPEGANN.lu
Posted on 05-Jul-2002 18:57 GMT by Andreas Kleinert6 comments
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I've done some x86 elf plugins and other optimizations for akMPEG now, with Amithlon in the mind. On my Athlon 1800 it's now possible to achieve better audio/video results than I previously could with any PPC card. Also, some questions on x86 plugins were answered here
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Comment 1Ole-Egil05-Jul-2002 18:31 GMT
Comment 2cOrpse05-Jul-2002 18:33 GMT
Comment 3Andreas Kleinert05-Jul-2002 18:38 GMT
Comment 4Mike Veroukis05-Jul-2002 19:08 GMT
x86 modules for akMPEG : Comment 5 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by pixie on 05-Jul-2002 21:45 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (Mike Veroukis):
I would only wish that every answer given here were so clearly exposed as yours... because it's a question taken from the simplest rules of journalism: 'keep it simple stupid'!
Good one, wish I was the one who made it! :)
pixie -writing from a paradise called portugal
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Comment 6Andreas Kleinert06-Jul-2002 06:07 GMT
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