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Posted on 11-Jul-2002 15:04 GMT by Dietmar Eilert17 comments
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Update for GoldED Studio announced (first preview available here).

In a few days a final update for GoldED Studio will be released which combines the existing editor (release 6) with material from the aborted development of version 7: all-new graphics, an improved UI library and various updated add-ons. The package will include the Distributed BASIC interpreter with GPL'ed source code.

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GoldED Studio AIX : Comment 10 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by IanG on 12-Jul-2002 09:41 GMT
I had never used GoldED until today -- because I saw this news and went to the website, downloaded the free version 5 and... Wow! What a great utility! This is one of the nicest, most competent reconfigurable editors I have ever used anywhere. I am so impressed I may well be buying the new version, with or without continued development.
Please, Amiga, Hyperion, *somebody*, buy the source from the author or make it worth his while to continue. As someone said in another comment, this editor would be awesome supplied as part of the OS. But if not, the existence of it as a program developed for the Amiga (whatever your hardware) is surely worth some effort to keep.
It's a real shame when great tools fall by the wayside, or development swaps to a PC version. Anyone here who thinks Amiga can get anywhere without *good* software, think again.
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