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Posted on 11-Jul-2002 15:04 GMT by Dietmar Eilert17 comments
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Update for GoldED Studio announced (first preview available here).

In a few days a final update for GoldED Studio will be released which combines the existing editor (release 6) with material from the aborted development of version 7: all-new graphics, an improved UI library and various updated add-ons. The package will include the Distributed BASIC interpreter with GPL'ed source code.

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GoldED Studio AIX : Comment 5 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by Bifford the Youngest on 11-Jul-2002 18:13 GMT
I'm really glad Dietmar has decided to release the update he told me he had been working on (for a long time). I'm really glad he's implemented tabs into the top bar of Golded as this will make things so much tidier!
It is, however a REAL shame he won't be continuing development. I think its a real lose and it would have been great if GoldEd could have been integrated into OS4.0+ as the Os's editor (lets face it who ever got the hang of Mmecs (or whatever it was called) and Ed is just too basic for anything more than Startup-sequence editing!)
Thankyou Dietmar and I hope that some day soon in the Amiga's Future (YES there WILL be a future!!) you will come back and continue the great work you have been doing.
Many thanks,
Sam byford.
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