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[News] OS 4 coverage on OS newsANN.lu
Posted on 15-Jul-2002 06:57 GMT by SimplePPC116 comments
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Mike Bouma did an excellent write-up on OS 4 for OS news. Includes 5 unreleased screenshots. The article can be found here.
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Comment 10Don Cox15-Jul-2002 07:18 GMT
Comment 11Peter Erixon15-Jul-2002 07:20 GMT
Comment 12Budda15-Jul-2002 07:34 GMT
Comment 13Joe "Floid" Kanowitz15-Jul-2002 07:37 GMT
Comment 14Anders Kjeldsen15-Jul-2002 07:41 GMT
Comment 15James Carroll15-Jul-2002 07:46 GMT
Comment 16Mike Bouma15-Jul-2002 07:48 GMT
Comment 17Treke15-Jul-2002 07:52 GMT
Comment 18Don Cox15-Jul-2002 08:14 GMT
Comment 19Mika Hanhijärvi15-Jul-2002 08:18 GMT
Comment 20Lando / Trinity15-Jul-2002 08:30 GMT
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Comment 22Chris Young15-Jul-2002 08:48 GMT
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Comment 39Mika Hanhijärvi15-Jul-2002 10:59 GMT
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Comment 54Chris Y15-Jul-2002 12:30 GMT
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Comment 57ehaines15-Jul-2002 13:17 GMT
Comment 58anonymous15-Jul-2002 13:49 GMT
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Comment 71catohagen15-Jul-2002 19:44 GMT
Comment 72Lando / Trinity15-Jul-2002 19:51 GMT
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Comment 74anonymous15-Jul-2002 20:28 GMT
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Comment 76Ed Dana15-Jul-2002 23:26 GMT
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Comment 89anonymous16-Jul-2002 13:28 GMT
Comment 90anonymous16-Jul-2002 13:36 GMT
Comment 91Chris Y16-Jul-2002 13:50 GMT
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Comment 94Don Cox16-Jul-2002 14:15 GMT
Comment 95Adam Kowalczyk16-Jul-2002 15:17 GMT
Comment 963seas16-Jul-2002 16:45 GMT
Comment 97Rik Sweeney16-Jul-2002 16:47 GMT
Comment 98Chris Y16-Jul-2002 17:29 GMT
Comment 99Adam Kowalczyk16-Jul-2002 17:41 GMT
Comment 100Alan Croft16-Jul-2002 18:05 GMT
Comment 101strobe16-Jul-2002 19:15 GMT
Comment 102Anonymous16-Jul-2002 19:44 GMT
Comment 103Adam Kowalczyk16-Jul-2002 21:00 GMT
Comment 104anonymous16-Jul-2002 21:27 GMT
OS 4 coverage on OS news : Comment 105 of 116ANN.lu
Posted by Hammer (Same person from Amiga.org) on 16-Jul-2002 21:32 GMT
In reply to Comment 102 (Anonymous):
> They have to manually port the system to each new target, just like Linux.
OF course they do port Intent/VP to host OS and hardware platforms.
> They have absolutely no advantage over a Free Software alternative, in fact > if anything they are at a disadvantage because they must defend binary
> portable solutions over other choices,
I don't see the problem with Intent's solution in regards to "transparent" binary portability.
> Tao's claim for OS portability is that you can write a PCI driver on x86 and > then use the same driver on Alpha or Sparc. That would be a big deal, except > that Windows and Linux do that too,
> you just recompile the driver, a purely mechanical operation.
It's not transparent for the mundane user. Not very one is elitist linux geek.
> You can write non-portable code on Linux, but you can
> also write non-portable code on Intent. Similarly you can write code that > > isn't thread safe, or which has security holes on any of these platforms.
The focus of Intent's solution is "transparent" binary portability for mundane end user.
> while Linux and *BSD are free to do either as appropriate to the situation.
It's not transparent for mundane user.
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