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[Rant] Microsoft to Exit Mac Market If Sales Continue to LagANN.lu
Posted on 16-Jul-2002 23:29 GMT by Paul Smith71 comments
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If a serious software publisher plans to leave a platform with a huge userbase (surely we're talking in the hundreds of thousands for MacOSX?), then what chance does OS4 have of making it with promotion figures of about 600? (for forum)

Link to OSNews.com article If nothing else, this proves what what many have been saying for the past 12 months (and openly ridiculed for). The days of binding your software to custom hardware are over.

Surely it is time that the people in charge of AmigaOS acknowledged that the non-mainsteam hardware route was a mistake. I'd bet that a similar promotion scheme for a version of AmigaOS that ran on the majority of the world's computers would have brought a much larger, and possibly commercially viable userbase. I'd also wager that the numbers sold would have been so, that it would have brought more revenue than the current scheme of selling hardware with it.

This is not intended as flamebait. I hope to provoke a discussion on the future of AmigaOS, rather than a flame-fest.

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