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[News] Poll concerning APUS IDE/last_ipl problemANN.lu
Posted on 20-Jul-2002 01:12 GMT by AndiW10 comments
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The Linux APUS projectmanagers have set up a poll to get feedback from users which have a non booting or similar unstable Linux kernel. Many Linux APUS users have reported problems with the more recent Linux APUS kernels (2.4.14 and up) which affects many users. The symptoms of the problem are either non-bootable kernel and/or getting output messages such as:

last_ipl[2] already set to 2f, now 2d!

To help us find out where this problem originates we, the developers of APUS, are conducting a poll to examine system configurations. If you are an APUS user and/or have tried the newer kernels please spend some time by using the follwing form.

Non Linux users can also help us. Simply download the latest kernel (2.4.18) and the latest bootstrap program and then decompress them into the same directory. Download the test-ramdisk image and place that (still compressed) into the same directory. Go to that directory and run:

bootstrap --apus -k vmlinux -r ramdisk.image.gz root=/dev/ram

This will boot a non harddisk basic Linux APUS system. Please leave feedback. You can see the current results here.

Your email-address you give here will only be used to get some specific informations of your problem/cofiguration if necessary and will not shown to other people than the APUS developers. >P> The poll, The poll results, The Linux PAUS project website

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