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[News] AACE PromotionANN.lu
Posted on 20-Jul-2002 22:03 GMT by NoBeForMe12 comments
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"There will be an exciting promotion/contest that we will be announcing later in the week with regards to AACE and the Entertainment Packs. We assure you, this will be a great deal of fun, and we look forward to introducing Amiga to several new customers who are currently using PocketPC and PocketPC Phone Edition devices." Bill McEwen wrote that a little while ago.
Can anyone tell us just how exciting the promotion/contest was ? Did any ANN readers take part ? It sounds as though it must have been fun, maybe someone has photos ?
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Comment 1Lando / Trinity20-Jul-2002 21:24 GMT
Comment 2Lando / Trinity20-Jul-2002 21:29 GMT
Comment 3Ryu20-Jul-2002 22:13 GMT
Comment 4cOrpse20-Jul-2002 22:53 GMT
Comment 5Kronos21-Jul-2002 06:21 GMT
AACE Promotion : Comment 6 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 21-Jul-2002 07:46 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Kronos):
KungFuGirlDan3 says .. Anyone here Bought The $50 Coupon from AmigaInc?
aig says, edge: nah, still wouldn't have a clue. . .
desade666 says, a prude, for a standard pleasure unit...
wind_spiritdancer agrees with edge-op
EEproms_Galore says, lol yeah jeez i hate Pepsi adds
guardian_sentry says, eeproms_galore she is a good singer. Most are until the record companies start screwing them around
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, KungFu: Fuck no. What a ripoff.
KungFuGirlDan3 says, ?????????
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, KungFu: Amiga OS is a piece of old shit, being rewrapped.
f3ew says, Linux_Alien, you weren't using CLI?
silaig says, Once it was a piece of new shit, being rewrapped (TripOS)
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, KungFu: I can get a cheaper PowerPC m/b and run Linux on it and it can do more than the AmigaOne and for less too.
KungFuGirlDan3 says, Sorry Sir .... Amiga OS 4.0 Is a complete rewrite into PPC native
edge-op says, guardian, they just have them record lots of buzzwords, feed those to the vb script and they can make dozens of cds from a one-hour session.
EEproms_Galore says, amiga lol shit they still around
gen2kungfoo is back.
haneefadil enters
gen2kungfoo says, oy!
f3ew leaves
Linux_Alien says, f3w, karchiver should have handled it, but it didn't, lord knows why, it uses the same unrar package
guardian_sentry says, lol
foxman_xp says, i just hate pepsi straight other than the cherry because we don't have that in coke
EEproms_Galore says, amiga OS the best forgoten OS on the planet earth
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, KungFu: a lot of it has not been rewritten. Most of it is a straight port.
f3ew enters
f3ew says, scrolling test
Linux_Alien says, have handled it, but it didn't, lord knows
Linux_Alien says, , it uses the same unrar package
Linux_Alien says, ack
f3ew says, hmmm
KungFuGirlDan3 says, "I Am Amiga" Club Membership/Promotion Status 838 memberships/coupons sold
haneefadil leaves
desade666 says, vanilla coke, only reminds me that it is indeed not stoli
f3ew says, just crashed
EEproms_Galore says, why would you pay for Amiga OS when Linux has more software and its free
wind_spiritdancer prefers pepsi over coke. dr pepper or dew over pepsi
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, EE: Exactly.
f3ew prefers black coffee
f3ew or water
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, Kunda: AmigaOne and amiga OS is too little too late.
Linux_Alien says, <- will bbl :)
wind_spiritdancer loves water
Linux_Alien leaves
wind_spiritdancer says, 'c' ya LA
desade666 says, i prefer gin and ginger-ale...refreshing and it gets you to where you want to be
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, Kunda: You can do better with AmiAthlon even.
EEproms_Galore says, yeah Linux is now and its going places Amiga OS is an old record that no ones intrested in playing again
foxman_xp says, lol @ 666 bring back the cherry!!
KungFuGirlDan3 says, Incidently ... Where a re you gonna get a PPC Mobo for less than $3000 ???? AmigaOne/Pegasos will only cost you £350 with a processor
LinuxKnight2000 enters
LinuxKnight2000 says, Hi
edge-op says, bah humbug
LinuxKnight2000 says, I Got Curphoo And Linux On My Fast Machine...Yey!
KungFuGirlDan3 says, unless you get a Mac
silaig says, The Spirit of Christmas Past, edge?
wind_spiritdancer says, hey lk, sup
archaic_electronics leaves
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, Kung: You can get a Mac for under $3K.
foxman_xp says, gin and gingerbeer kicks some hard core buttox as well
wind_spiritdancer says, linuxknight: gfu
EEproms_Galore says, kung> Linux and an XP1800 for US$450 now
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, Kung: A whole freaking Mac.
silaig says, Sheeit. I still gotta move a UPS and a server I was gonna shift this morning. . .
edge-op says, silaig, that old fart stole that story idea from me, i'm glad he's dead!
twohearts_5 enters
KungFuGirlDan3 says, DFo you REALLY want wanky X86??
silaig says, What the dickens?
edge-op says, yeah
LinuxKnight2000 says, im ojn it
desade666 says, allright, this conversation bores me...later all
edge-op says, he's the culprit
frunkster enters
desade666 leaves
LinuxKnight2000 says, *on it
EEproms_Galore says, kunk. Linux runs on PPC and 64 bit RISC
KungFuGirlDan3 says, Love them hacker/Virus/ general dickheads
LinuxKnight2000 says, hey edge!
silaig says, It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. . . .
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, Kung: X86 is kicking the shit out of PowerPC and for less right now.
LinuxKnight2000 says, i need help with wine
KungFuGirlDan3 says, all for x86
susobhan_das enters
LinuxKnight2000 says, it fucks over
edge-op says, hi linuxknight2000 i don't use wine
guardian_sentry says, lol
LinuxKnight2000 says, the setup files and stuff screw up
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, Kung: Even Apple wants out of PPC and into Intel.
silaig says, Yeah. Gimme an ES/9000 G5 with 24 processors. . .
wind_spiritdancer just watches the room
KungFuGirlDan3 says, go x86 and get the lot Ha Ha
guardian_sentry says, Ahhh, you got yourself outta that one pretty quick edge
guardian_sentry says, `date` ===>
guardian_sentry says, Sun Jul 21 09:38:12 GMT 2002
f3ew says, If I had the budget to buy a Mac, I would be buying Sparcs
f3ew says, heh@ wind_spiritdancer
LinuxKnight2000 says, lol
wind_spiritdancer says,
KungFuGirlDan3 says, wrong..... Stevie dickhead sez they are very happy with the PPC roadmap
silaig says, Sorry, I meant eServer zSeries G5 with 24 processors. . . .
EEproms_Galore says, kung. also Linux runs on the new IBM dual core Power4 and thats very fast
twohearts_5 leaves
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, f3ew: You can get a Blade for about 1K same as a PeeCee.
edge-op says, guardian, i've used wine to see if m$ solitaire would work because a lady at a local business said that was the one thing she missed when i switched her to linux.
f3ew says, dreadpiraterobertsjr, not here
f3ew says, not the kinda config I want
foxman_xp says, hay pd_leadership is out again love that mag
inimcus enters
f3ew says, (I am speaking for personal use workstation type thingy)
EEproms_Galore says, yeah you can also buy a none apple PPC G4 machine now with Linux on it cheap
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, f3ew: Hehehe. Well, you can't compare apples to oranges then.
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