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[Web] Amiga Arena Interview with "Davy W." (AudioEvolution 4) for AOS 4.xANN.lu
Posted on 29-Jul-2002 16:45 GMT by Amiga Arena14 comments
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Amiga Arena - Interview mit "Davy Wentzler" (Audio Evolution 4) Since some days you can read on the Homepage from "Davy Wentzler" that the new "Audio Evolution 4" will be ready only for AMIGA OS 4.x! Audio Evolution is an audio harddisk recording, arranging and editing system similar to programs like CubaseSX, Logic and ProTools on the PC/Mac. The "Amiga Arena" talked to "Davy Wentzler" and you can read in the Interview the first forthcoming features from "Audio Evolution 4" and many more interesting information about the future of "Audio Evolution 4"! Amiga Arena epilogue! "Davy Wentzler" is one of the first developers who developed official for AMIGA OS 4.x and will force the future! So we all must do it too! You all AMIGA Useres show the developers that the AMIGA OS 4.x markt is worth to support and help them with bug reports,feedback and buy in the future Software! We have only one chance to bring the AMIGA OS back!<bR> We all! Dont waste the time with discusses - be AKTIV! Regards Olaf K. Amiga Arena - the power we defend! You can read the interviews in English and German on http://www.online-club.de/~ARENA/
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