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Posted on 02-Aug-2002 12:53 GMT by Kjell Breding53 comments
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On the 21st of September, a showcase for the AmigaOne will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden. AONE Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event

On the 21st of September, a showcase for the AmigaOne will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden. Beta testers from Norway and Denmark will attend this event. This event is a scandinavian kick-off for the AmigaOne!

This showcase is hosted by the user group AmiGBG together with GGS-Data.

More detailed information will soon be published on www.amigbg.com.

Best regards, / Kjell Breding on behalf of the AmiGBG user group

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AONE Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event : Comment 17 of 53ANN.lu
Posted by Seehund on 02-Aug-2002 16:38 GMT
In reply to Comment 12 (Troels Ersking):
> Do you think people will only go too Gothenborg because of the A1 (and
> eventually OS4)?
No, that was my point. And AmigaOS4 wasn't mentioned in this announcement.
As fas as this announcement goes, this is not another AmiGBG Show, but just a display of an "AmigaOne" motherboard. This seems rather pointless to me, unless AmigaOS is to be demonstrated running in whatever state it might be in by then.
#19 reflect
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