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Posted on 07-Aug-2002 21:48 GMT by Seehund22 comments
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You didn't listen to the live UGN broadcasts from AmiWest? You didn't download the recorded speeches and interviews? Well, here is a (moderately) low bandwidth consuming opportunity to catch up with what people are fighting over today! I have sweated over the telephone interview with Thomas Frieden (Hyperion) and the speeches by and the interview with Bill McEwen (Amiga, Inc.).
Come, be amused and nauseous, scared and excited, it's all on the house. Be baffled by the mystery of the vanishing hardware, see the Mighty MacE pull new hardware licensees out of his hat and get a naughty sneak peek of The Sexy Future Of Mating Fridges (all with Amiga(TM) stickers). Pick a future Fanatic Faction already today - is Symbian or WindowsCE.net the True Amiga?
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AmiWest transcripts online : Comment 16 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 08-Aug-2002 14:28 GMT
In reply to Comment 14 (Anonymous):
Actually *you* didnt get it. The times have changed, today one gets only funding if one already has black numbers. Therefor when your at the beginning building up the market eg having losses, you hardly get any money, no matter what project it is or which perspective. So when a starting company needs money most, it doesnt get any, only when it can already live on its own it gets further funding - that was the point.
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