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Posted on 10-Aug-2002 23:01 GMT by Rüdiger Hanke16 comments
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Today the "Butterfly Edition" of ScummVM for MorphOS was released. The core is the current CVS version of ScummVM 0.2.0. The "Butterfly Edition" contains many improvements and optimisations in the MorphOS interface that affect the general usability. The update is thus highly recommended. Comments and suggestions are welcome as usual.

Download: http://www.muenster.de/~tomjoad/scummvm.html

Due to a bug in the beta version of the cdda library, the CD audio of Monkey Island may not work with certain CD-ROM drives. Regrettably, the current version of the library does not work anymore with the public MorphOS demo. Those with access to later betas may request a bugfixed version from me by e-mail.

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