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Posted on 12-Aug-2002 01:20 GMT by Len Carsner3 comments
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The AmiTech-Dayton Amiga Users Group will be hosting the fourth annual AmigaFest, a Show Within a Show at the Dayton Comperterfestš on August 24th and 25th. AmigaFest 2002,The Show Within a Show @ Computerfestš For the fourth year in a row, AmiTech-Dayton, Amiga Computer Users Group, is sponsoring AmigaFest, a show within a show at Computerfestš. The purpose of AmigaFest is to provide a concentration of Amiga oriented vendors and exhibitors in the show to provide improved support for the Amiga Community. If you are a current or former Amiga user, or are just curious about the platform, stop by AmigaFest 2002 and find out what is currently going on with Amiga. There are many new developments on the horizon and we will have some available for demonstration or sale at the show. The AmigaFest 2002 area will include a Seminar/Presentation section, that will be showing off the capabilities of the Amiga system, including lternative operating systems that are currently in development for the Amiga community. Presentations will be going on continuously throughout the show. In addition there will be an Amiga museum displaying nearly every model of the Amiga that was produced. One of the advantages of the Amiga platform is its extremely efficient operating system that has provided pre-emptive multi-tasking since its introduction in 1985. The next version of the Amiga OS will make full use of the PowerPC CPU line. A new generation of Amiga hardware is on the horizon that will back up the efficiency of the operating system with modern computing horsepower. Amiga OS Emulators are also currently available, and will be demonstrated at AmigaFest 2002, bringing Amiga efficiency to X86-based systems bypassing Windows. Drop by and find out about all the upcoming developments. As in years past we will be holding several demos that should be of interest to any present, past or future Amiga user. We will have demos of MorphOS installed on a PPC equipped Amiga 1200, Amithlon and AmigaXL installed on a PC, and using digital cameras on your Amiga. Other demos are in the works. Stop by our booths for a complete schedule of events. We are expecting several exhibitors for this year's AmigaFest. They include Extreme Computing, developers of a new line of X86-based computers optimized to run new Amiga OS emulation systems; Compuquick Multi Media Center; FWD Computing; Mr. Hardware; E. S. Productions; G and G Publications, publishers of The New Amigans magazine; the Amiga Cafe; AmiTech Dayton and Grasshopper LLC, developer of Pagestream, the premier desk top publishing program for Amiga, now also available for Macintosh and Windows. Additionally, on Saturday night after the show, we have arranged to have a gathering for a dinner and social get together for all Amigans. Stop by the AmiTech-Dayton booth, pick up a flyer, and be sure to join in the fun. We think it's going to be an interesting and fun show. There are a couple of definite advantages to having an Amiga Show in conjunction with a show like Computerfestš. First of all it gives the Amiga user access to a concentrated selection of Amiga gear, a lot of which will be at special show prices. Secondly, it gives them unparalleled access to a broad selection of general equipment that we all need and a little shopping will find them at bargains beyond belief. As always, we hope all Amigans will stop by and show their support. Hope to see you there! For further information please contact Ron Schwartz at: schwartr@gemair.com
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