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[News] Pegasos Gothenburg Show 2002ANN.lu
Posted on 14-Aug-2002 11:25 GMT by Gunne Steen46 comments
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This is a first announcement of the first showplace of the Pegasos-computer in Sweden and in Scandinavia. Pegasos Gothenburg Show 2002 will be held on Sunday 22 September. On the show you will se Pegasos demonstrated and working for the first time here. Pegasos is a dual G3/G4/G5 MicroATX computer. At the moment it is possible to run either MorphOS or Linux operatingsystem on it. Organizer of the event is GGS-Data in co-operation with Thendic-France and betatesters of Pegasos from Sweden. Thendic as well as other important persons behind the Pegasos will join the show. More information will follow soon. Welcome ! Gunne Steen for GGS-Data
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