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Posted on 14-Aug-2002 18:22 GMT by takemehomegrandma96 comments
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Yesterday, Apple doubled the number of CPUs on their products -- but the price remains the same -- dual 1Ghz G4s for $1699. Unbelievable!

For Raquel and I this means one thing (beyond Apple has finally and completely fallen for the obvious clock speed, etc. numbers game):

Alternative (as in A-Expo, 7-8 September) operating systems have become important -- very important!

This makes us really feel that our approach to *eventually* sell Pegasos main boards as they are is RIGHT ON TARGET. Apple will certainly not do this! Linux or MorphOS interested people want to do what they want to do. Terra Soft has been getting a good initial response to sell YDL pre-installed on iMacs (http://www.terrasoftsolutions.com/news/ 2002-08-08.shtml) and you will see the Pegasos on sale there soon. Our flexibility to upgrade to a G4 or dual CPUs, or even multiple boards makes us unique and gives us a competitive advantage over anything else we know about -- including Apple when sold as a main board itself (especially with their overhead!).

Here is what we are doing:

1. We are selling fully configured machines to Betatesters. Things are going well!
2. We will sell a few main boards to highly qualified users who are willing to get other non-standard configurations to work. This will be done on a case by case basis (email us at bbrv@thendic-france.com).
3. We will keep our amiga-oriented market interested over the next month with messages on Morphos-News. We want people using the machines and Team Betatester is all about that. We will show as MANY applications running as possible at the A-Expo, 7-8 September. Later this week we will post a gallery of pictures from last weekend. It was a successful event for us.
4. We are also planning the Frankfurt conference/show for 14 September: BETATESTER I.

When we are ready (which may be sooner than December), we will:

1. Sell main boards worldwide directly or through resellers at one price. Qualified resellers will be discounted from that price.
2. Sell a single or double CPU upgrade package. We can beat the iMac G4 prices easily. We may develop a discount plan when a G3 is returned in good condition (we in turn can donate computers with "used" processors to programs to help disadvantaged children learn about computers or programs like that...your ideas are welcome here!).

Our target markets:

1. Linux users
2. Amiga application users
3. Mac users with the Thendic smart card reader together with MorphOS on a CD with applications that run with special smart card features, such as, a "secret weapon" for an online game, Pegasos Points to spend at the online store to buy peripherals (DataPlay, ComCam, etc.), and naturally secure communications with our host...etc.. The application is what is promoted. MorphOS is there on the CD to make it happen. Smart cards make us unique and add plenty of interesting and exciting functionality (we will have an smart card SDK for our developers).

Keep your eyes on MorphOS-News...we will keep you posted.


Raquel and Bill

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