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[News] dfx: is not a Catweasel!ANN.lu
Posted on 16-Aug-2002 00:52 GMT by Jens Schönfeld13 comments
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A lot of inquiries about the dfx: interface have reached us during the past week, asking for our involvement in the dfx: project, if any. A lot of inquiries about the dfx: interface have reached us during the past week. The most frequently asked question was if dfx: uses Catweasel technology. The answer is no! If you are looking for a floppy controller for a Pegasos, AmigaOne or Amithlon that is as flexible and as fast as the Catweasel, your only choice is the original.

In time with the release of the new mainboards, we will have a Catweasel that fits on them.

Pre-orders are NOT taken. Even if it has become common use in this market to charge money for things that are not even developed yet, individual Computers only takes money for things that we can ship next day.
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