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Posted on 27-Aug-2002 13:34 GMT by 14 comments
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Up Rough Kids released a new LP (musicdisk) with 10 fresh AHX tunes by Skope, Mortimer Twang and Spot. It's entitled "More Hits for Kids LP" Get it from your local BBS and soon from Aminet. http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/aminet/demo/sound/UP-LP002.lha (soon!)
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Comment 1Mardi27-Aug-2002 17:06 GMT
Comment 2Teemu I. Yliselš27-Aug-2002 17:33 GMT
Comment 3Nowee27-Aug-2002 18:21 GMT
Comment 4buzz27-Aug-2002 22:16 GMT
Comment 5Peter Gordon28-Aug-2002 08:10 GMT
Comment 6Varthall28-Aug-2002 12:40 GMT
Comment 7jPV28-Aug-2002 20:24 GMT
Comment 8buzz29-Aug-2002 00:10 GMT
Comment 9spot / up rough29-Aug-2002 10:27 GMT
Comment 10Suxx29-Aug-2002 10:40 GMT
Comment 11The Artist formelly known as Mortimer Tee29-Aug-2002 14:19 GMT
Comment 12ehmmm..29-Aug-2002 14:30 GMT
Comment 13Almighty God29-Aug-2002 14:38 GMT
Comment 14spot30-Aug-2002 09:38 GMT
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