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[News] New IBrowse homepageANN.lu
Posted on 03-Sep-2002 00:09 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä15 comments
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"As many of you will know, IBrowse has been without a proper home on the web for a while, until now. Obviously, this website is a bit minimal at the moment, but we are planning to address this situation soon. We are currently busy preparing IBrowse 2.3 (68K) for release - as yet we have no indication of a firm release date, but good progress is being made and we are doing our best to get IBrowse 2.3 ready for release a.s.a.p." Visit the site here.
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Comment 1José03-Sep-2002 09:52 GMT
Comment 2Don Cox03-Sep-2002 15:40 GMT
Comment 3Oliver Roberts03-Sep-2002 17:03 GMT
Comment 4Don Cox03-Sep-2002 18:37 GMT
Comment 5tinman03-Sep-2002 18:51 GMT
Comment 6Nomad of Norad04-Sep-2002 02:49 GMT
Comment 7Oliver Roberts04-Sep-2002 08:15 GMT
Comment 8Jon04-Sep-2002 08:22 GMT
Comment 9hexaae04-Sep-2002 11:05 GMT
Comment 10Oliver Roberts04-Sep-2002 11:38 GMT
Comment 11Rimmer04-Sep-2002 12:05 GMT
Comment 12Teemu I. Yliselä04-Sep-2002 18:13 GMT
Comment 13Jon05-Sep-2002 05:33 GMT
Comment 14Don Cox05-Sep-2002 13:03 GMT
Comment 15Nomad of Norad06-Sep-2002 01:52 GMT
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