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Posted on 04-Sep-2002 20:05 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä21 comments
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"With all the publicity that Windows and Linux get, you may be forgiven for not being aware of a number of other operating systems. Yet there are many other choices that I find interesting and as useful alternatives." The Byte Magazine article goes on to discuss OS/2, BeOS and the Amiga, amongst others.

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An Octet of Operating Systems : Comment 19 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by David Shipman on 05-Sep-2002 14:08 GMT
In reply to Comment 18 (cOrpse):
If the IDE controller is built-in to your motherboard, then it should just get handled as 'native' (no additional setup/drivers required).
However, the IDE replacement driver on BeBits (as referred to by the previous comment), which provides support for ATA100, command queuing, and other newer IDE tech - also gives significant speed benefits.
Its one of my 'must have' components for a fresh BeOS install...
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Comment 20Charlie05-Sep-2002 15:43 GMT
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