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[News] Extra! Extra! Read all about it!ANN.lu
Posted on 06-Sep-2002 11:54 GMT by Mikey C9 comments
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Issue 12 of Total Amiga Magazine is almost sold out, if you are wondering what all the fuss is about, here is what some Amiga notables are saying about us.... "An excellent issue, well produced, full of good stuff. If you don't subscribe yet, now would be a good time."
-Don Cox

"I particularly like the in-depth features, the quality of which I haven't seen since the heyday of Amiga Shopper many years ago. If you haven't got it already, what're you waiting for?"
-Bill Hoggett

"I have to say total Amiga is a brilliant brilliant read. Amazing stuff.
Its like a pint on a Friday night - keeps your faith in the world."
- Dave P

"It is a great mag with reviews, tutorials and of course news."
- Technoid

Urgent! We are looking for additional writers/contributors, if you have software or hardware that you wish to review, top tips, tutorials or even a rant or rave that you want to share, send it in to us and we will consider it for publication in the next issue.

Visit http://www.totalamiga.org for more information and while you at it why not join our discussion forum, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/totalamiga/messages

Total Amiga Magazine; we are, are you?

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! : Comment 8 of 9ANN.lu
Posted by Bill Hoggett on 06-Sep-2002 18:36 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (Anonymous):
The trouble with Google URLs is that they are interminable. If I posted the unbroken URL, it would break the formatting of this whole thread.
The link works if you ensure you copy and paste all three lines into the URL field, making sure there are no spaces inserted in the middle. It doesn't take you to the right message for some reason, but it does take you to the right part of the thread.
Failing that, do an advanced search for "In memory of Greg" as the subject, and "Timothy Rue" as the poster. The message you want is from the 30th of August, Tim's first contribution to the thread. Oh, the newsgroup is comp.sys.amiga.misc, a place the Ruebot has polluted since time immemorial.
#9 3seas
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