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[News] Mac On Linux can run MACOS XANN.lu
Posted on 08-Sep-2002 16:05 GMT by Christophe Decanini17 comments
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Here are news from the MOL website. It means that we will be able to run MACOS X (over linux) on the AmigaOne or Pegasos. It strengthens these platforms that can run AmigaOS or MorphOS, various versions of Linux, various BSD OS and MACOS X.
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Mac On Linux can run MACOS X : Comment 10 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by Joe "Floid" Kanowitz on 09-Sep-2002 03:12 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (Don Cox):
Don Cox said,
>No, not being sarcastic. I haven`t touched Linux for over a year, and
>I know nothing at all about Mac-on-Linux. I was wondering if it would
>work (if ported) in the same way as EMPLANT and Fusion - the Mac
>running as one screen amongst the other Amiga screens.
I'm sure someone like Ole-Egil would be more familiar, but from looking at the site, it's the PowerPC equivalent of VMWare- a software VM that takes advantage of hardware's support for self-virtualization to show some semblence of reasonable speed. I'd imagine it'd be a bit of a dog compared to running native, but it's hard to say- how *did* the Amiga Mac emulators of days past manage to run so fast, anyway? (I finally figured out what Petunia means by 'task-based' emulation... did any old emulators manage to modify exec on the fly, perhaps?)
Anyhow, as such, it's one window on X11, just like any other process presenting an X GUI, and that output could be made to fill a virtual desktop, and presumably an Amiga screen were it ported, buuut.. [See below.]
>With Fusion, the Mac virtual hard drive can be mounted as an Amiga
>drive, and accessed through DOpus etc. Would that apply to a ported
Looks like it runs off 'real' Mac partitions, but has support for networking, which should open up a number of possibilities for sharing on the loopback subnet. Of course, Linux might also have native support for HFS/+, I've no clue there as a BSD user.
However... as I was getting ready to say above, it looks to me like 90% of everything- the graphics routines, drivers/virtualizations, and so on would be fairly specific to Linux. I only have a layman's appreciation of the issues involved, but it seems like a 'port' would probably require a lot of modification... enough that it wouldn't be a port, but a separate project. The MOL sources would be a great *reference* - and a good excuse to keep a MacOnAmiga project GPLed - but I imagine any attempt to define an Amiga port in patchsets would require more code in patches than would actually be reused from the base project. That's said from 'common sense;' I can't seem to get to their BitKeeper equivalent of CVSWeb for a cursory glance. ( http://mol.bkserver.net )
>How long before Apple set up the Mac hardware as a dongle for their
Hmm.. I'd like to say "It isn't?," but they've had their years of glasnost after slamming the lid on clones. A better question would be whether they're going to try again- with the new OS so attractive, and the 'Marklar' port supposedly lurking internally... you have to wonder if Apple might want a way out of forcing another architecture switch. By forcing the look'n'feel hand on their hardware (with more success than they've had in software; remember when blue'n'white x86s were successfully verboten?), they're guaranteed some monopoly on style, and anything that drives PowerPC prices is a good thing for them. I'd look out for a crackdown on anyone daring to sell an OS X preload on non-Macs, but perhaps a shrinkwrapped version 3 years down the line if commodity PowerPC 'proves itself' without their help. People are running System 9 on their clones without trouble- http://www.macaddict.com/resources/faq/29077.html - Apple doesn't punish their end-users that often.
Of course, if that proved anything, a lot rides on [the Segway of] Jobs' next mood swing.
Funnily enough, someone I know IRCwards who's been an LKML follower for ages had some words to say on why OS X took the road it did... As a secondhand story, it loses a lot of detail, but it comes down to Apple being interested in Linux- hence the backing of mkLinux- but Linus not being interested in Apple. Was news to me, at least, not having followed that end of things... X probably wouldn't look much different no matter the underlying kernel, but it would've been 'interesting' to see Apple navigate under the GPL.
#11 Ole-Egil
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