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[News] Mac On Linux can run MACOS XANN.lu
Posted on 08-Sep-2002 16:05 GMT by Christophe Decanini17 comments
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Here are news from the MOL website. It means that we will be able to run MACOS X (over linux) on the AmigaOne or Pegasos. It strengthens these platforms that can run AmigaOS or MorphOS, various versions of Linux, various BSD OS and MACOS X.
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Comment 1kamelito08-Sep-2002 15:15 GMT
Comment 2corpse08-Sep-2002 15:41 GMT
Comment 3Christophe Decanini08-Sep-2002 16:04 GMT
Comment 4Don Cox08-Sep-2002 16:06 GMT
Comment 5Christophe Decanini08-Sep-2002 16:07 GMT
Comment 6Joe "Floid" Kanowitz08-Sep-2002 18:40 GMT
Comment 7coldfire08-Sep-2002 19:16 GMT
Comment 8Don Cox08-Sep-2002 19:23 GMT
Comment 9Kronos08-Sep-2002 19:47 GMT
Comment 10Joe "Floid" Kanowitz09-Sep-2002 03:12 GMT
Comment 11Ole-Egil09-Sep-2002 03:46 GMT
Mac On Linux can run MACOS X : Comment 12 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox on 09-Sep-2002 07:50 GMT
In reply to Comment 11 (Ole-Egil):
"But since it works under Linux why bother? There's so many reasons to keep a Linux partition around ;-)
(I do almost 100% of my work under Linux here. Got XP installed, but have only ever booted it up to play
with an install CD for a gigabit switch once. Turned out I could have
stayed in Linux, really ;-))"
You obviously like Linux. I don't. Using Linux would be just work so
far as I'm concerned.
I would prefer my Amigas to be just Amigas, with no other OS on the
machine. However, I did find EMPLANT/Fusion useful for running a
couple of programs, so something like that would be handy on a new
Amiga. Most of the high status Mac programs are much too expensive to
buy, though.
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Comment 13Anonymous09-Sep-2002 11:41 GMT
Comment 14Christophe Decanini09-Sep-2002 13:16 GMT
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