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Posted on 08-Sep-2002 17:25 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä24 comments
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AmigaPlus announced that Frank Menzel has released the first port of Quake2 for Amiga. Requirements are a PPC processor, a graphics card, 128MB of memory and WarpOS.

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Comment 1Rob08-Sep-2002 15:51 GMT
Comment 2Budda08-Sep-2002 16:08 GMT
Comment 3Rik Sweeney08-Sep-2002 16:09 GMT
Comment 4JrPacman08-Sep-2002 17:21 GMT
Comment 5Timothy De Groote08-Sep-2002 17:50 GMT
Comment 6JrPacman08-Sep-2002 18:24 GMT
Comment 7Rik Sweeney08-Sep-2002 19:58 GMT
Comment 8Steffen Haeuser08-Sep-2002 20:15 GMT
Comment 9Lando / Trinity08-Sep-2002 21:31 GMT
Comment 10anon08-Sep-2002 22:49 GMT
Comment 11Ole-Egil09-Sep-2002 04:00 GMT
Comment 12Anonymous09-Sep-2002 04:44 GMT
Comment 13gz09-Sep-2002 05:01 GMT
Comment 14Anonymous09-Sep-2002 09:16 GMT
Comment 15Rik Sweeney09-Sep-2002 10:39 GMT
Comment 16Steffen Haeuser09-Sep-2002 11:09 GMT
Comment 17Kronos09-Sep-2002 11:23 GMT
Comment 18John Clark09-Sep-2002 12:33 GMT
Comment 19Anonymous09-Sep-2002 12:55 GMT
Comment 20Rik Sweeney09-Sep-2002 14:08 GMT
Comment 21Anonymous09-Sep-2002 14:28 GMT
Comment 22Jan-Erik Karlsson09-Sep-2002 19:01 GMT
Comment 23Steffen Haeuser09-Sep-2002 21:02 GMT
Comment 24Amifan11-Sep-2002 16:41 GMT
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