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[News] AmithlonXL world premiere at O.A.S.E.2 event in GrazANN.lu
Posted on 13-Sep-2002 23:10 GMT by VMC Harald Frank40 comments
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At O.A.S.E.2 event in Austria this weekend, Mr. Schober will show first in public new parts of AmithlonXL product, including stuff also that would be first available after sales release of OS4! The O.A.S.E.2 event, which will be held this weekend in Graz, will see the first public demonstration of AmithlonXL components. Some of the parts shown would regularly be first available only with the release of the announced OS4 operating system.

The new stuff demonstrated there, will include Audio drivers for SBLive, TerraTec Solo1, TerraTec 512i, CMedia and many many others. However, because of the short time we had, we were unable to get all the hardware to demonstrate all new Audio drivers.

The Network connection will be established trough a RealTek 100Mbit card controlled by the brandnew TCP/IP-Stack RoadShow from well known Olaf Barthel. The features of RoadShow will include great services as PPPoE, firewall and extended routing possibilities.

The system will be presented by Mr. Schober on his AthlonXP 1800. This machine will be equipped with SoundBlasterLive, RealTek 100Mbit Network Adapter and Matrox DualHead graphics card.

If possible, some benchmarks with the new FFS2 file sytem will be made, but if time should prove to be short for those, we will deliver their results on our Amithlon product home page later.

More information about AmithlonXL and AmigaOS XL Updates will be available shortly on the usual web sites of our distributor Haage&Partner. Naturally these will also contain information about pricing and availability.

Link to O.A.S.E.2 event http://www.oase.at/cgi-bin/start.cgi

Link to Amithlon/AmigaOS XL Homepage http://www.amithlon.de

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