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[Files] New web browser for AmigaANN.lu
Posted on 15-Sep-2002 20:01 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä25 comments
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Alexander Weber writes on his homepage: "Path-Amiga is my attempt to write a web browser. It isn't very usable yet, but that will hopefully change soon. I started with this project somewhen in the second half of 2001, because I wanted to learn to write AmigaOS programs with multiple threads. After I had a program that could open and close some windows, I thought I could perhaps make a web browser out of this, just as a challenge. And the result is this."

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Alexander Weber's homepage
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Comment 2Leif15-Sep-2002 18:17 GMT
Comment 3cOrpse15-Sep-2002 18:37 GMT
Comment 4Bill Hoggett15-Sep-2002 18:43 GMT
Comment 5brotheris15-Sep-2002 19:13 GMT
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Comment 74pLaY15-Sep-2002 19:27 GMT
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Comment 9Bill Hoggett15-Sep-2002 20:35 GMT
Comment 10SlimJim15-Sep-2002 21:50 GMT
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Comment 12Joe "Floid" Kanowitz16-Sep-2002 04:01 GMT
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Comment 15m0ns00n16-Sep-2002 06:23 GMT
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Comment 22John Block16-Sep-2002 09:31 GMT
Comment 23John Block16-Sep-2002 09:35 GMT
Comment 24Anonymous16-Sep-2002 14:33 GMT
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