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[News] Elbox photos from O.A.S.E. 2002ANN.lu
Posted on 17-Sep-2002 12:31 GMT by Wojtek Kozlowski29 comments
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Photos from the ELBOX presentation at O.A.S.E. 2002 in Graz are placed in NEWS | Tradeshows & Events | O.A.S.E. 2002.
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Comment 14Jürgen Schober17-Sep-2002 13:20 GMT
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Comment 16Peter Gordon17-Sep-2002 13:32 GMT
Comment 17Peter Gordon17-Sep-2002 13:36 GMT
Elbox photos from O.A.S.E. 2002 : Comment 18 of 29ANN.lu
Posted by Mikey C on 17-Sep-2002 13:59 GMT
In reply to Comment 17 (Peter Gordon):
Spend YOUR money anyway you want.
I was merely refering to the vast number of Amiga users (hmm vast and Amiga users not sure if that equates) whom I have spoken to and they like me are not spending anymore money on upgrades for our Machines.
As to the previous point, about OS3.9 being obsolete, well obviously of course it isn't in current Amiga terms and yes it is in comparison to other OS's.
Obviously a lot of people (perhaps myself included) will most likely keep their old "classic" Amigas for quite some time.
However, I am sure that because AOS4.0 will look and feel much more like OS3.9 (only faster) the classic machine will be used less and less as time goes on.
Of course with the Shark PPC, many people will be interested in keeping their existing Amigas going for some time yet - and good for them too, after all it's THEIR choice.
I was only voicing my opinion, It's not like I am laying down a law. - Sheesh!
Mikey C
#19 Peter Gordon
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