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[News] DFx: picANN.lu
Posted on 18-Sep-2002 09:43 GMT by A.Scott Pringle5 comments
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first picture of DFx available here http://dfx.boing.net/gallery.html
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Comment 1takemehomegrandma18-Sep-2002 09:47 GMT
DFx: pic : Comment 2 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Frank on 18-Sep-2002 11:38 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (takemehomegrandma):
Nothing beats sneakernet when it comes to bringing
up a machine, even with mount rainier etc.,
throw in a floppy, write and off you go.
Its quicker for "small" files.
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Comment 3CD32freak18-Sep-2002 14:32 GMT
Comment 4Ronald18-Sep-2002 16:03 GMT
Comment 5Frans18-Sep-2002 19:59 GMT
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