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Posted on 26-Sep-2002 20:30 GMT by Christophe Decanini33 comments
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Your Amiga (or other) can rest now :)
Too bad the key was not found by the Amiga team. Anyway we will have more power for new contest with the AmigaOne/Pegasos/Amithlon.
Here are the details.
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RC5-64 HAS BEEN SOLVED! : Comment 7 of 33ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 26-Sep-2002 20:19 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (Paul Hill):
Actual experience tells us that people have so much to worry about that they tend to ONLY prioritise things which can be identified as a concrete threat. If your philosophy or business model requires a change in priority you will benefit from something that makes the threat concrete.
Examples of the former experience (anti-conspiracy theorists might want to consider the latter sentence too):
* OpenSSL bugs were detected some time ago. Despite the expense of having auditors find these bugs many users did not upgrade. The Slapper worm made the security threat concrete and so NOW many people have upgraded.
* Government funding for defense and intelligence, and government rights to infringe on civil liberties are dependent on a sense of foreign "threat" from the citizens. Some guys crash a plane into a skyscraper and -- just like that the majority falls into line.
* Vaccination programs for common childhood diseases are universally available in wealthy industrialised nations. Yet the %age of children who actually attend and are vaccinated increases significantly for a while after disease epidemics.
So, there were two (conflicting) motives at work here. RSA sponsored the contest to re-assure customers that RC5 is strong. If it was weak someone would quickly have won the prize. OTOH the D.net participants mostly wanted to show that RC5 can and will genuinely be attacked if the prize is worthwhile. This encourages people to support research into improved crypto and (in the past) legislation to permit universal access to strong crypto.
#8 Mike Veroukis
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