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Posted on 29-Sep-2002 13:55 GMT by AMIGAXP14 comments
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Very good reportage of Pianeta Amiga SHOW Image of OS4, AmigaOne, Pegasos ..etc.. http://ql.programmazione.it/ Hi guys Finally new good image and reportage from Pianeta Amiga 2002 ediction. http://ql.programmazione.it/ Very good reportage of Pianeta Amiga SHOW Image of OS4, AmigaOne, Pegasos ..etc.. http://ql.programmazione.it/
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Reportage from Pianeta Amiga SHOW : Comment 10 of 14ANN.lu
Posted by Elwood on 30-Sep-2002 07:42 GMT
Hi non-Italian Amigans,
here is the quick translation of the OS4 presentation found on this italian site. Enjoy !!!
AmigaOS 4.0 demo:
In the showroom, we could see the so long waited demo of AmigaOS 4, maybe the more waited event for Amiga users.
The demo couldn't be done on a real AmigaOne because of the known fact that bios is (was ! :-) unavailable so it was done on an A4000 with PPC. So the demo was almost done on a standard Amiga, almost a OS3.9 with some features of OS4.
It was only to show some features OS4 will have.
At least, the guies behind the show could show us something concrete Amigans have appreciated. So they could a little forget about the fact that the AmigaOne wasn't completely working. (Note from me: strange ! I already seen the A1 working a thousand times....)
A thank you to Andrea Vallinotto, one of the italians developer working on the project. He showed very well to us the main features of OS4, answering in an accurate way to the several questions of the public.
The demo started focused on the programs that appears in OS4, showing what those have to offer. The first thing to be shown was the highly configurable feature of the OS GUI: almost all aspects of the GUI will be changeable, much more than what we can do now with the actual AmigaOS. What we can have today with a lot of patches will be integrated into the OS making it more stable and faster.
The GUI control panel
It will be possible to control the following objects look and feel: menus, colors, windows... As an example, we'll be able to center the title in windows, or to move windows outside of the screen (you will be able to disable it)...
Other features to note are in the filesystem that is being upgraded from a lot of aspects, must have programs like the HDToolbox replacement written from scratch and full of features that will bring the Amiga up to date in partition control and harddisk handling. An important thing because the AmigaOne will be able to multiboot AmigaOS, Linux and hopefully MorphOS too.
PartitionWizard in action
We'll have the complete control over our disks and partitions: we'll be able to move/resize them, to copy the "layout" of a partition and pasting it into a newly created partition, to use a undo feature to avoid mistakes, and to do a lot of other things that we can't actually with HDToolBox. Another interesting program is PartitionWizard which will allow us to check, fix partitions/disks, to retrieve lost data, to optimize partitions.... So we'll have fun with disks in AmigaOS4.
During the demo, the work being done by the coders to adapt the OS has been explained, like the 68k to PowerPC porting. It is a huge work, especially knowing that it has been done folowing the Amiga philosophy.
All internal features that make AmigaOS interesting will be enhanced into OS4. To this the memory protection and virtual memory will be added. The first one will be enabled by the software itself (so it will be available only for new software), the second one will be usable on a partition or a directory on the disk and will be used by softwares only if really needed (i.e. the real memory will be used first).
Interesting to see that a small but a good CD burning software will be into the OS: we'll be able to do backups and any CD-ROM very easily.
It seemed to be appreciated that "historical" software will be included to the OS: a new version of IBrowse (2.3) that will allow us to browse modern websites, with an enhanced JavaScript handling, style sheets (CSS) etc. Even MUI will be available in PPC version with new features, to allow the use of softwares that need it.
Another interesting aspect is that ARexx will still be in OS4, even if it will run in the emulation layer (no Arexx PPC). In the same time, it is planned to add to AmigaOS another scripting language. It will show up in another version (4.1 or 4.2). One of the many possible languages is Python (but still not yet chosen).
As a negative point as Andrea Vallinotto told us, the main lacks of AmigaOS 4.0 will be the printing system and the lack of Java handling.
For printing purposes we'll still have to use softwares like TurboPrint. For Java, we'll have to wait for integration of AmigaDE, the Digital Environment based on Tao Group work. It's planned for the next AmigaOS versions (maybe 4.2, so not for long time). For now, we did live without Java until now, we still can wait a little :-)
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