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Posted on 17-Oct-2002 22:42 GMT by ExiE2 comments
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First we would like to apologize that Czech Amiga.News was unavailable for 12 days. For technical reasons we have moved to a new address amiga.czex.com.

Now we ask for your help! If you find a link referring to the old address, please notify the webmaster about the change:

Czech Amiga.News  -  http://amiga.czex.com

To contact us, please write to newsy@czex.com.

We made the best of the change and improved the html code, which should result in faster display in Amiga browsers, especially on slower machines, and light-speed downloading :-).
BTW main page of Czech Amiga.News finally validates as HTML 4.01 Transitional!

During the transition we have also fixed the forms for submitting news, so don't be afraid to use them.

Finally we have also started updating our vast collection of links. We will keep you informed about the progress.

After arrival of the new version of operating system AmigaOS 4.0 we are going to add new services for our readers. Let us surprise you! Additional ideas and comments are welcome!

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Comment 1TheArrogantSarny17-Oct-2002 21:47 GMT
Czech Amiga.News MOVED! : Comment 2 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by pVC on 18-Oct-2002 05:37 GMT
Great to have the best news site back and better! I just love the design of that site :)
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