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[Files] Sovjet miltary voice encryption machine "Elbrus" for AmigaANN.lu
Posted on 18-Oct-2002 21:50 GMT by selco9 comments
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The simulation of the Sovjet military voice encryption machine "Elbrus" is now available in Aminet. A simulation of the Sovjet voice encryption machine "Elbrus" for Amiga is finally available in Aminet as /util/crypt/elbrus_demo.lha. This machine was used for instance in the NVA (army of the former GDR) and similar machines are still in use in Russia today. The machine manipulates the analouge signal, e.g. the encrypted speech still fits into a 3 khz voice channel and can be transmitted via short wave radio or telephone. A demo version, an example wave file and a detailed descripion is included in the archive and on http://selco.da.ru. The Aminet demo version does not contain any digital encryption in order to comply with the crypto regulations. The full version is available from the author. (Shareware)
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